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Antonio Somma, Head of Kali de Mano Stockholm

Antonio has excellent martial art skills with an diplomatic title as an apprentice instructor within Kali de Mano!

Kali de Mano in Stockholm is situated in Handen just outside Stockholm. The club specializes in Kali de Mano, Jujitsu, Aiki-Jutsu and several of other martial arts.

In all our clubs we focus on martial arts training and personal development. To become an excellent martial artist you need excellent training partners and top of the line instructors. Our key motto is “Challenge yourself”.

Our training and techniques is physically demanding when it comes to speed, coordination, strenght – you need will, repetition and patience to learn about the Filipino martial arts.

Mentally, the arts push you in endurance, resourcefulness and ability to break through problems.

Patrik Bergman Lev 5