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International Bujutsu University

International Bujutsu University (IBU) is registered in Copenhagen, Denmark as Soke Yamaues personal organization.

The name IBU and the Logo/Mon (Tachibana ni Kiku --- Wild Orange Blossom & Crysanthemum) IBU Kokusai Bujutsu Dai.

IBU is recognized and appointed by The Administration of Daishoji Imperial Temple in Japan.

Brief introduction to Bujutsu

Origins /histories of well-known martial arts (Bujutsu in Japanese, We Shu in Chinese) schools/styles/systems today can be traced to the Shaolin Temple (AD 504) in China, where the famous Zen Buddhism and Martial Art called Shaolin Kung Fu or Temple boxing atarted.

Zen Buddhism was transmitted from Shaolin Temple/China to Japan in Kamakura period /1185-1333), which was also a period of non-armed Bujutsu transmission to Japan. However non-armed Bujutsu were not so important in Samurai periode (1185 - 1868), because all Samurais wear Katana/swords. During this long period, the main Bujutsu in was Ken-jutsu (art of Sword). This tradition still continues in Japan and about 20% of Bujutsu/Budo people practice Ken-Jutsu and/or Kendo (modern sport).

Very few in West practice these swords fighting, but it is real Japanese arts & sport, and very repected Bujutsu/Budo in Japan.When Samurai domination finished (1868) and Meiji Emperor and his government prohibited the carring of swords, non-armed Bujutsu & Budo like Ju-jitsu, Aiki Jutsu, Judo and Karate flowered. But unfortunately many Jujutsu schools had to close because of Judo. Then after the World II, new Budo such as Aikido and Shorinji-Kempo (Japanese Shaolin Kung Fu) became very populor.

It took almost 1000 years for non-armed Bujutsu to be recognized widely through Japan, especially during last 40 years Bujutsu/Budo became very popular not only in Japan, but also all over the World.

People practice Bujutsu/Budo as sports, as art, as health excercise and as religion. For some people, Bujutsu is a life style and it is also an obligated knowledge or skill for police officers and security people all over the World.