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Registration for Minamis 25th Anniversary Camp
2018-09-09 19:23

Very soon, it is time for Minamis 25th Anniversary Camp at 20th-21st of October 2018.

We need all participants to do an online registration for attending the camp and the Budo party.

Please use the following link for registration

Please fill in all fields. The ones marked with asterisks are compulsory. You can register yourself and up to four additional participants. In such case you will be responsible for payments for the entire group.

We need your registration as soon as possible, but no later than October 13th. After that date, your registration cannot be changed.

If you discover any error, please contact immediately.


Read more about the camp at . We will update this page with any important news.

Best Regards, Minami Budokai through Dick Pettersson

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