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Social Gathering on Friday evening!
2018-10-17 11:57

On Friday evening at 1900, we will have a social gathering in our new Dojo for our members together with our national & international guests.

Take the opportunity to meet and great with our guests from different counties for a couple hours on Friday evening before the camp starts this weekend.

Since the camp will take place in Torvalla Sports Center during the weekend, we would like to take the opportunity to meet and socialize in our home environment on Friday evening, the Dojo.

We will mingle, different snacks, soft drinks and many more…

There will not be any training during Friday evening, so come in your civilian clothes.

There will be shuttle transfer on Friday evening for our national & international guests from Quality Hotel Winn, Haninge to our new Dojo in Vega.

During the rest of the weekend, there will be shuttle transfer for national & international guests between the Quality Hotel Winn and Torvalla Sports Center in the morning and in the afternoon for the camp.


The Dojo in Vega:

Nynäsvägen 3C

136 47 Haninge

(Next to MIO and on top of Hydrocenter)



Quality Hotel Winn Haninge

Rudsjöterrassen 3A

136 40 Haninge

Phone: +46 8 745 75 00


We are looking forward to see you all in Haninge, Stockholm County for Minami´s 25th Anniversary Camp this weekend!


Best Regards,

Dick Pettersson, Minami Budokai

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